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Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Phoenix, AZ

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About Our Garage Floor Coatings, Phoenix, AZ

At Signature Garage Solutions, an epoxy garage flooring company in Phoenix, AZ, we understand the importance of your garage and it’s preservation. Often your garage is either used frequently or holds your most valuable assets (cars, storage, equipment). Over time, your garage floors could be damaged and decrease the value of your property. An epoxy garage floor coating can protect your concrete flooring from everyday wear & tear, oil and grease while offering a slick & modern look. Signature Garage Solutions provides Phoenix, AZ, residents looking for concrete floor coatings “near me” with high quality, resilient, and attractive epoxy flooring materials and Polyurea final coating. We pride ourselves on being an epoxy flooring company with genuine and hardworking technicians that always perform our signature process. The more flakes, the more top coats, the more durable.

Our Signature Garage Flooring Process







The initial floor preparation is crucial to the success of your epoxy coating. 


We clean and prepare the concrete to ensure the epoxy lasts longer. Instead of using chemicals to do this, we manually grind the concrete (something many floorers are not willing to do.)  By grinding the concrete, we remove the impurities of the floor for a smoother and more defined finish. 


The epoxy base is a durable mix and is applied to fill in every edge of the floor. 


Next we consider the size of your garage to determine the correct amount of vinyl flakes placed. This will guarantee 100% coverage and an extra layer of protection. 


The first top coat is applied and left overnight. The coat hardens certifying no moisture is present when applying the final top coat. 


The following day your floor will be scraped and sanded, removing any imperfections before applying our SIGNATURE polyurea final coating.  

Available Colors

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Dapple Gray

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Desert Sand

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garage epoxy floor phoenix arizona

Blue Electric

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Red Electric

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